About Us

Our Story

Presidio Property Trust was founded as NetREIT in 1999 as a contrarian real estate investor focused on out-of-the-mainstream properties, many in locations largely ignored by institutional investors. We have successfully found hidden value by acquiring properties at attractive prices resulting from unique seller circumstances, and then implementing an aggressive business plan.

Presidio Property Trust's portfolio has historically been diverse in product type, consisting of office, retail, industrial, medical office, self-storage, and residential properties. We strategically pursued strong opportunities, regardless of the property type.

Since 2010, the Company, through its subsidiary NetREIT Dubose Model Home REIT, Inc., has acquired model homes from homebuilders nationwide on a sale - leaseback basis, which contributes substantially to our returns. Similar to triple-net commercial property investments, these assets provide secure cashflow with all operating expenses paid by the homebuilder, which is also the tenant. Although model homes represent a relatively small portion of our asset base, the returns are very accretive to our stockholders.

Our Values

Presidio Property Trust's commitment - to our stockholders, tenants, and associates - is responsible for our success.

Stockholder Values

Achieve strong financial performance for our stockholders

Customer Values

Our Tenants are our customers. Provide excellent service to meet the needs of our tenants, which will result in stable cash flow and reduced capital costs

Employee Values

Our employees are responsible for our success. Hire passionate, professional employees and treat them well.


By acquiring properties in non-major markets and utilizing our hands-on management approach, [Presidio Property Trust] has the potential to provide above-average stockholder value to our investors.

- Jack K. Heilbron, CEO

Presidio Property Trust is a Maryland Corporation originally formed in 1999 that operates as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) as defined under the Internal Revenue Code.

Presidio Property Trust is, by design, a contrarian, or deep value, real estate investment company seeking property acquisitions which are out of the current mainstream or have unusual features. The acquisitions department seeks properties whose value is hidden by financial or emotional distress often resulting from the present owner’s lack of interest, desire, or capital to keep the property in top operating condition. Presidio Property Trust then proceeds to implement the enhancement phase of management which can ultimately result in greater appreciation.

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